Bicondylar joint 404.29

lymph nodes 258.18, 258.24

Barba 392.6

Bifurcate ligament 70.28

plexus 336.12

Bartholin's gland 172.3



Basal 396.25

aortae 222.5

anterior 400.21

lamina 356.18, 356.28

carotica 194.8a

posterior 400.22

membrane of semicircular

trachea (trachealis) 144.24

veins 244.17

duct 370.16

trunci pulmonalis 190.13


nuclei 316.20

Big toe 402.26

trunk 194.4


Bile duct


of left pulmonary artery

common 134.12

left 232.28

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