13 a Sural veins. Venae surales. Companion veins of the corresponding arteries.

14 Genicular veins. Vv. geniculares. Usually five veins arising from the knee. A

15 Small saphenous vein. V. saphena parva. It arises from the lateral margin of the foot, passes along the posterior side of the lower leg and drains into the popliteal vein. A B C D

16 Anterior tibial veins. Vv. tibiales anteriores. Companion veins of the anterior tibial artery. A B C

17 Dorsal venous network of foot. Rete veno-sum dorsale pedis. Network of veins on the dorsum of the foot that drain into the great and small saphenous veins and anterior tibial veins. B

18 Dorsal venous arch of foot. Arcus venosus dorsalis pedis. Venous arch on the dorsum of the foot receiving the dorsal metatarsal veins of the foot. It also serves as the main outlet for blood from the sole of the foot. BCD

19 Dorsal digital veins of foot. Vv. digitales dorsales pedis. Veins on the dorsum of the toes. B

20 Dorsal metatarsal veins. Vv. metatarsales dorsales. Companion veins of corresponding arteries. They arise from the dorsal digital veins of the foot. B D

21 Posterior tibial veins. Vv. tibiales posteriores. Veins accompanying the posterior tibial artery. C

22 Peroneal (fibular) veins. Vv. fibulares. Companion veins of the fibular artery found partly beneath the flexor hallucis longus. C

23 Plantar venous network. Rete venosum plantare. Dense subcutaneous network of veins on the sole of the foot. C

24 Plantar venous arch. Arcus venosus plantaris. Venous arch accompanying the arterial plantar arch. C

25 Plantar metatarsal veins. Vv. metatarsales plantares. Veins accompanying the corresponding arteries. C

26 Plantar digital veins. Vv. digitales plantares. Veins on the flexor side of the toes. C

26 a Intercapitular veins. Vv. intercapitulares. Veins that connect the plantar and dorsal venous arches. D

26 b Lateral marginal vein. V. marginalis lateralis. Anastomotic vein as in 26a. It drains into the small saphenous vein. D

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