19 Right gastro-omental [gastroepiploic]] artery. A.

gastro-omentalis dextra. It originates at the level of the inferior margin of the pylorus and, as the continuation ofthe gastroduodenal artery,passes in the greater omentum different distances from the greater curvature of the stomach. It anastomoses with the left gastro-omental artery. A C

20 Gastric branches. Rami gastrici. Short branches ascending to the stomach. A

21 Omental branches. Rami omentales. Long branches that supply the greater omentum. A

22 Anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal artery. A. pancreaticoduodenalis superior anterior. Terminal branch that passes inferiorly on the pancreas and anastomoses to the inferior pancreati-coduodenal artery. A C

23 Panreatic branches. Rami pancreatici. A C

24 Duodenal branches. Rami duodenales A C

25 Splenic (lineal) artery. A. splenica (lienalis). Third branch of the celiac trunk. It runs along the upper margin of the pancreas then through the splenorenal ligament to the spleen. C

26 Pancreatic branches. Rami pancreatici. Numerous small and several large branches to pancreas. A C

27 Dorsal pancreatic artery. A. pancreatica dorsalis. Arising just at the beginning of the splenic artery, it passes downward behind the neck of the pancreas partially embedded in pancreatic tissue. C

28 Inferior pancreatic artery. A. pancreatica inferior. Branch of the dorsal pancreatic artery passing toward the left to the lower posterior surface of the body of the pancreas. C

28a Prepancreatic artery. A. praepancreatica. Anastomosis between the main branch of the dorsal pancreatic artery and the anterior superior pan-creaticoduodenal artery. C

29 A. pancreatica magna. It passes from near the middle of the splenic artery downward onto the posterior surface of the pancreas, which it supplies, and anastomoses with the inferior pan-ceatic artery. C

30 Artery to tail of pancreas. A. caudae pancreatis. It originates from the distal end of the splenic artery or from one of its terminal branches and anastomoses with the inferior pancreatic artery in the tail of the pancreas. C

31 Left gastro-omental (gastro-epiploic) artery. A. gastro-omentalis (epiploica) sinistra. Arises from the gastrosplenic ligament, then passes in the greater omentum to anastomose with the right gastro-omental artery. A C

32 Gastric branches. Rami gastrici. Long branches to the stomach.

33 Omental branches. Rami omentales. Long branches that supply the greater omentum. A

34 Short gastric arteries. Aa. gastrici breves. Small vessels from the splenic artery or its branches that mainly supply the fundus of the stomach. A

35 Splenic branches. Rami splenici. Five to six branches of the splenic artery arising in front of the entrance into the spleen. A

35a Posterior gastric artery. A gastrica posterior. Branch to the posterior wall of the stomach. A

tribute with a small vessel to its supply.

~A Celiac trunk

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