M quadratus plantae m flexor accessorius

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o: Calcaneus. i: Lateral borderoftendon offlexor digitorum longus. A: Flexes toes and supports longitudinal arch of foot. I: Lateral plantar nerve. B

10 Mm. lumbricales pedis. Lumbrical muscles of the foot. o: Tendons offlexor digitorum longus. i: Bases of proximal phalanges 2-5. A: Flexion at the metatarsophalangeal joint. Brings toes closer to the big toe. I: Medial and lateral plantar nerves. AB

11 Mm. interossei dorsales pedis. o: Arises by two heads from adjacent metatarsal bones. i: Base of the proximal phalanx, plantar ligament. A: Abduction and flexion of toes at the metatar-sophalangeal joints and extension at the inter-phalangeal joints. I: Lateral plantar nerve. C

12 Mm. interossei plantares. o: Single-headed from metatarsal bones 3-5. i: Base of proximal phalanges. A: Adduction and flexion of toes at the metatarsophalangealjoints. I: cf. p. 11. C

13 Fascia lata. Fascia of thigh which envelops the entire thigh musculature. D

14 Hiotibial tract. Tractus iliotibialis. Vertical thick band of fascia lata that extends from the anterior segment of the iliac crest to the lateral tibial condyle and into which radiate the tensor fasciae latae and gluteus maximus. D

15 Lateral intermuscular septum of thigh. Septum intermusculare femoris laterale. Firm connective tissue layer extending from the fascia lata to the lateral lip of the linea aspera between the biceps femoris and vastus lateralis muscles.

16 Medial intermuscular septum of thigh. Septum intermusculare femoris mediale. Stout connective tissue layer extending from the fascia lata to the medial lip of the linea aspera between the vastus medialis, sartorius and adductor muscles.

17 Adductor canal. Canalis adductorius. Channel between adductors, vastus medialis and [vasto-adductor membrane]. It ends with the hiatus tendineus within the adductor magnus. D

18 Hiatus tendineus (adductorius). Opening near the attachment of the adductor magnus at the level of the inferior margin of the adductor lon-gus.

19 Iliac fascia. Fascia iliaca. Fascia over the iliac and inferior portion of the psoas muscles. It attaches to the iliac crest and arcuate line as well as the inguinal ligament. D

20 Muscular lacuna. Lacuna musculorum. Compartment for passage of the iliopsoas muscle and the femoral and lateral femoral cutaneous nerves between the ilium, inguinal ligament and iliopectineal arch. E

21 Iliopectineal arch. Arcus iliopectineus. Portion ofthe iliac fascia between the inguinal ligament and the iliopubic [iliopectineal] eminence. It separates the vascular and muscular lacunae. E

22 Vascular lacuna. Lacuna vasorum. Compartment between the pubis, inguinal ligament and iliopectineal arch for passage of the femoral artery and the femoral branch of the geni-tofemoral nerve. E

23 Femoral triangle. Trigonum femorale. Triangle between the sartorius and adductor longus muscles and the inguinal ligament. D

24 Femoral canal. Canalis femoralis. Passage within the medial segment of the vascular lacuna that extends from the inguinal ligament to the saphenous opening. E

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