Norma Basilaris Basis Cranii Externa

Normal outline of skull base as viewed from below. External base of cranium. B

17 Greater palatine canal. Canalis palatinus major. Canal formed by the palatine bone and maxilla for the descending palatine artery and the greater palatine nerve. B E. See 25 C

18 Jugular foramen. Foramen jugulare. Fibrous, divided opening between the occipital and temporal bones. Point where the sigmoid sinus and inferior petrosal sinus unite. The internal jugular vein and nerves IX, X, and XI pass through it. AB

19 Sphenopetrosal fissure. Fissura spheno-petrosa. Medial continuation of the petrosquamous fissure. Its expansion forms the foramen lacerum. Point of passage of the lesser petrosal nerve and point of exit of the chorda tympani from the skull. A B

20 Petro-occipital fissure. Fissura petro-occipi-talis. Cleft between the petrous temporal and occipital bones extending medially from the jugular foramen. A B

21 Foramen lacerum. Foramen lacerum. Irregular, fibrocartilage-covered opening in the middle cranial fossa between the apex of the petrous part of the temporal bone and the sphenoid bone. The deep and greater petrosal nerves pass through it. A B

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