Posterior antebrachial cutaneous nerve N

cutaneus antebrachii posterior. Cutaneous branch for the field between the lateral and medial antebrachial cutaneous nerves. B

5 Muscular branches. Rami musculares. Motor rami to the triceps, anconeus, brachioradialis and extensor carpi radialis longus muscles. A

6 Deep branch. Ramus profundus. Branch that supplies the extensors of the forearm. It penetrates the supinator, supplying it and all extensors (except the extensor carpi radialis longus) and the abductor pollicis longus. A B

7 Posterior interosseous nerve of forearm. N.

interosseus (antebrachii) posterior. Terminal branch of the deep ramus that lies on the inter-osseous membrane in the distal third of the forearm beneath the extensors and extends to the wrist joint. A

8 Superficial branch. Ramus superficialis. Branch that runs along the brachioradialis together with the radial artery, crosses under its accompanying muscle and then arrives at the dorsum of the hand and fingers as a cutaneous nerve. A B

9 Communicating branch to the ulnar nerve.

Ramus communicans ulnaris. It joins the dorsal ramus of the ulnar nerve on the dorsum and the hand. A

10 Dorsal digital nerves. Nn. digitales dorsales. Terminal rami of the superficial branch passing on the radial and ulnar sides of the extensor aspect of the lateral 2V2, sometimes also 3V2 fingers. A

11 Subscapular nerves. Nervi subscapulares. Two to three branches from the brachial plexus (su-praclavicular part or posterior cord) supplying the subscapularis and teres major muscles. D

12 Thoracodorsal nerve. N. thoracodorsalis. Longest subscapular nerve with fibers from C6-8. It courses along the lateral margin of the scapula and supplies the latissimus dorsi. D

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