Posterior dorsal root Radix posterior sensoria Sensory root A

7 Spinal (dorsal root) ganglion. Ganglion spinale (sensorium). Ganglion situated in the intervertebral foramen, composed of pseudo-unipolar cells. It lies in the posterior root just in frontofthesitewhereitjoinstheanteriorroot.A

8 Spinal nerve trunk. Truncus nervi spinalis. Segment between the union of the two roots and the first branch of the spinal nerve. A C

9 Anterior (ventral) branch. Ramus anterior. Larger anterior branch of a spinal nerve. It communicates with adjacent anterior rami to form large plexuses. In the thoracic region it becomes continuous with an intercostal nerve. A

10 Posterior (dorsal) branch. Ramus posterior. Weaker branch supplying the skin of the back and autochthonous back muscles. A

11 Rami communicantes. Communicating branches connecting the spinal nerve and the sympathetic trunk. A

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