Preface to the Fourth Edition

Professor Feneis designed the anatomic picture dictionary as a reference book that provides illustrated short descriptions of anatomic terms in accordance with the valid international nomenclature. The brief and clearly written text segments were set opposite concise figures of equal educational value—a graphic task that Professor Spitzer managed to solve brilliantly.

Since its initial publication in 1967, the Feneis work has been published in seven editions and has been translated into numerous languages. The acceptance of the pocket book format by our readers is proof of its successful didactic concept. Hence, it is only logical that the eighth edition should remain dedicated to this effective concept.

The text and figures were revised and adapted to reflect the current state of knowledge. Our colleagues and students also contributed significantly with their numerous suggestions. We would like to thank all of you for your efforts, especially Dr. C. Walther, who with great commitment provided a continuous supply of expert suggestions.

Proposals to add color to the illustrations of the present edition were rejected after extensive debate, because the masterful pen-and-ink drawings by Professor Spitzer already capture the essential elements of the structures. Furthermore, his drawings are plastic and easy to remember. The extensive addition of color would increase neither the informative value of the book nor the aesthetic appeal of the figures. Instead, we selectively added color to the text when it served to make the individual chapters and terms easier to find, also when quickly leafing through the book. The combined use of color and different typefaces makes it easier to maintain an overview of the different terms. Highlighting in color the alphabetic characters of the figures facilitates the identification of text and graphic elements that belong together.

We would like to thank Georg Thieme Verlag and its employees for their patience, understanding, and collaboration in the production of this edition.

Tübingen, spring of 2000 Wolfgang Dauber

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