Right lymphatic duct right thoracic duct

Ductus lymphaticus dexter (ductus thoracicus dexter). It is formed by the union of the right jugular, subclavian and bronchomediastinal trunks. It may be absent. B

17 Thoracic duct. Ductus thoracicus. Arises from the cisterna chyli a short distance below the diaphragm, courses upward behind the aorta and opens into the venous angle, i. e., the angle between the left internal jugular and subclavian veins. B

18 Arch of thoracic duct. Arcus ductus thoracici. Arch formed by the thoracic duct before entering the venous angle. B

19 Cervical part. Pars cervicalis. Short cervical segment in front of C7. B

20 Thoracic part. Pars thoracica. It begins at the aortic hiatus and ends at the upper margin of T1. B

21 Abdominal part. Pars abdominalis. Very short segment in front of L1. B

22 Cisterna chyli. Variable dilatation at the origin of the thoracic duct. It receives the lumbar and intestinal trunks. B

23 Lymph node. Nodus lymphaticus (Lym-phonodus). Lymphoreticular filtering organ, 125 mm in diameter, within the lymphatic vessels. Since lymph must usually traverse two lymph nodes before arriving in the blood stream at the venous angle, there is double protection against the invasion of pathogens or tumor cells into the blood stream. A

24 Afferent lymphatic vessels. Vas lymphaticum afferens. Any of the vessels that carry lymph to a lymph node; located on the convex surface of the node. A

25 Efferent lymphatic vessel. Vas lymphaticum efferens. Any of the vessels that carry lymph away from a lymph node; located on the hilum of the node. A

26 Cortex. Part of the lymphoreticular tissue proximal to the capsule. A

27 Medulla. Lymphoreticular tissue between cortex and hilum. A

28 Hilum. Somewhat retracted area where blood vessels enter and where blood and lymphatic vessels exit. A

29 Lymphatic nodule. Nodulus lymphaticus (lymphonodulus). Spherical condensation of lymphoreticular tissue predominantly occupying the cortex. It exhibits a lighter central area ("reaction center"). A

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