Rightleft lobe of thymus Lobus dextersinister E

25 Accessory thymic nodules. [Noduli thymici ac-cessorii]. Scattered islands of thymic tissue.

26 Thymic lobules. Lobuli thymi. Lobules of thymus formed by connective tissue trabeculae. E

27 Cortex of thymus. Cortex thymi. Lymphocyte-rich cortical area.

28 Medulla of thymus. Medulla thymi. Lymphocyte-poor medullary region containing Has-sell's (thymic) corpuscles.

29 Adrenal (suprarenal) gland. Glandula su-prarenalis (adrenalis). Gland sitting like a cap medially on the upper pole of the kidney; it develops from two sources. F Anterior surface of adrenal gland. Facies anterior. F

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