26 b Deep fascia. Fascia profunda.

27 Tendinous intersections. Intersectio tendinea.

27 a Intermediate tendon. Tendo intermedius.

28 Tendinous arch. Arcus tendineus. It serves as the origin of muscle fibers.

29 Muscular trochlea. Trochlea muscularis. Structure that changes the direction of pull of a tendon, e.g., the sustentaculum tali of the flexor hallucis longus tendon.

30 SYNOVIAL BURSAE. Bursae synoviales.

31 Subcutaneous bursa. Bursa [synovialis] subcutanea. It lies directly beneath the skin.

32 Submuscular bursa. Bursa [synovialis] sub-muscularis. It lies beneath a muscle.

33 Subfascial bursa. Bursa [synovialis] sub-fascialis. It lies beneath a fascia.

34 Subtendinous bursa. Bursa [synovialis] sub-tendinea. It lies beneath a tendon.

35 Splanchnology. Splanchnologia. study of viscera.

36 General terms. Nomina generalia.

37 Tunica albuginea. Tough, whitish connective tissue sheath.

38 Tunica fibrosa. Fine connective tissue layer.

39 Tunica adventitia. Outermost connective tissue covering.

40 Tunica mucosa. Mucous membrane with its various layers.

41 Epithelium mucosae. Epithelial cell layer of the mucosa.

42 Lamina propria mucosae. Lamina propria of the mucosa. Layer of reticular connective tissue extending up to the muscularis mucosae.

43 Lamina muscularis mucosae. Layer of smooth muscle fibers between the lamina propria and submucosa. It acts upon the mucosa.

44 Tela submucosa. Mobile layer of collagen fibers and elastic meshlike tissue between the muscularis mucosae and the muscularis. It is the main conveyer of blood vessels.

45 Tunica muscularis. Double layer of smooth muscle.

46 Stratum circulare. Circular muscle layer.

47 Stratum longitudinale. Longitudinal muscle layer.

48 Tunica serosa. The smooth, glistening external surface of the intraperitoneal segments of the intestinal tract.

Perimysium. Fibrous sheath enclosing a bundle of muscle fibers.

Endomysium. Fibrous sheath surrounding a single muscle fiber enclosed by sarcolemma. 26 Fascia. External sheath investing one or more muscles.

26a Superficial fascia. Fascia superficialis.

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