Cochlear nuclei. Nuclei cochleares. Mass of nerve cells situated below the lateral recess of the 4th ventricle, where it may form a slight elevation, the tuberculum acusticum. A Anterior cochlear nucleus. Nucleus cochlearis anterior. Its fibers pass to the opposite side primarily via the trapezoid body and join the lateral lemniscus. A

Posterior cochlear nucleus. Nucleus cochlearis posterior. Its fibers pass mostly to the midline just beneath the floor of the rhomboid fossa, where they penetrate deeply in order to join the trapezoid body. A Commissural nucleus. Nucleus commissuralis. Little-known nucleus in the medulla oblongata. Nucleus ambiguus. Nucleus of origin for cranial nerves IX and X as well as the cranial portion of XI. It is located behind the olive. C D Inferior salivary nucleus. Nucleus salivarius inferior. Autonomic nucleus for the parasympa-thetic fibers of the glossopharyngeal nerve. A C Arcuate nucleus. Nucleus arcuati. Located in front of and medial to the pyramidal tract. This group of nuclear cells gives origin to the external arcuate fibers. It corresponds to caudally displaced pontine nuclei. B Anterior external arcuate fibers. Fibrae ar-cuatae externae anteriores. Fibers from the arcuate nucleus which pass externally around and transversely across the olive into the cere-bellar peduncles. C

Posterior external arcuate fibers. Fibrae ar-cuatae externae posteriores. Fibers which pass uncrossed from the lateral part of the arcuate nucleus to the inferior cerebellar peduncle. They replace the posterior spinocerebellar tract for the region above C8. The thoracic nucleus is absent here. D

Raphe of medulla oblongata. Raphe medullae oblongatae. Median line in the decussation of the lemniscus. C

Nuclei raphae. Cells of the reticular structure located near the median plane.

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