Sections of ventral thalamus Sectiones thalami ventralis

15 Lateral geniculate nucleus [ventral part]. Nucleus corporis geniculati lateralis [pars ventralis]. Small group of cells with fibers from the retina: part of a light reflex tract. C

16 Medial geniculate nucleus [ventral part]. Nucleus corporis geniculati medialis [pars ventralis]. Possibly the true acoustic part of the geniculate nucleus. C

17 Subthalamic nucleus. Nucleus subthalamicus [corpus Luysii]. It lies between the lower end of the internal capsule and the zona incerta. Of clinical importance is its reciprocal connection with the globus pallidus. B

18 Reticular nuclei of thalamus. Nuclei reticulares [thalami]. Disaggregated cell layer on the lateral surface of the thalamus between the external medullary lamina and internal capsule. B

19 Zona incerta. Basal continuation of the reticular nucleus of the thalamus and other structures. It lies in the path of the globus pallidus to the tegmentum of the diencephalon. B

20 Nuclear regions H, H1 and H2. Nuclei re-gionum H, H1 and H2. Dispersed neurons in the corresponding Forel's fields. Field H lies medial to the zona incerta and in front of the red nucleus, H1 between the thalamus and zona in-certa, H2 between the zona incerta and sub-thalamic nucleus. B

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