Sections through the medulla oblongata Sectiones medullae oblongatae

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10 Pyramidal fasciculus (tract). Fasciculus pyramidalis. Nerve tract for the transmission of impulses concerned with conscious movements. C D

11 Corticospinal fibers. Fibrae corticospinales. Fibers from the precentral gyrus of the cortex to the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord.

12 Corticonuclear fibers. Fibrae corticonu-cleares. Fibers from the precentral gyrus of the cortex to the motor nuclei of cranial nerves.

13 Decussation of the pyramids. Decussatio py-ramidum(dec. motoria). Fibers of the lateral pyramidal tract with 3-5 bundles crossing at the end of the medulla oblongata. B

14 Fasciculus gracilis. Medial part of posterior funiculus coming from the lower half of the body.

15 Nucleus gracilis. Nucleus of fasciculus gracilis medial to cuneate nucleus. D

16 Cuneate fasciculus. Fasciculus cuneatus. Lateral part of posterior funiculus coming from the upper half of the body.

17 Cuneate nucleus. Nucleus cuneatus. Nucleus of fasciculus cuneatus lateral to the nucleus gracilis. D

18 Accessory cuneate nucleus. Nucleus cuneatus accessorius. Gray matter lateral to the upper part of cuneate nucleus. Origin of external arcuate fibers which pass to the cerebellum. D

19 Internal arcuate fibers. Fibrae arcuatae inter-nae. Fiber component of the medial lemniscus arising from the nucleus of the posterior funiculus. C

20 Decussation of medial lemniscus. Decussatio lemniscorum medialium (d. sensoria). Formed by fibers of nuclei gracilis ans cuneatus, second order neurons of posterior funiculus. C D

21 Medial lemniscus. Lemniscus medialis. Continuation of second order neuron of posterior funiculus after decussation of lemniscus [bul-bothalamic tract]. D

22 Tectospinal tract. Tractus tectospinalis. Decussated connection between the quadrigeminal plate and the spinal cord. It lies between the facial and trigeminal nuclei. D

23 Medial longitudinal fasciculus. Fasciculus longitudinalis medialis. Nerve fiber bundle for reciprocal connection to the motor nuclei of ocular muscles, as well as vestibular, accessory and cervical muscle nuclei. C

24 Posterior longitudinal fasciculus. Fasciculus longitudinalis posterior [[Schütz]]. Connection between the hypothalamus, III, VII, XII cranial nerve nuclei, nucleus ambiguus, tractus solitar-ius and tractus salvatorius in the floor of the rhomboid fossa. C

25 Spinal tract of trigeminal nerve. Tractus spinalis nervi trigeminalis. Descending fibers of the trigeminal nerve for transmission of pain and temperature stimuli. C D

26 Spinal nucleus of trigeminal nerve. Nucleus spinalis nervi trigeminalis. Continuous with the substantia gelatinosa in the spinal cord; this nucleus receives the fibers of the spinal tract of the trigeminal nerve. C D

27 Reticular formation (substance). Formatio (substantia) reticularis. Cells lying scattered in the tegmentum in the vicinity of the vagus, vestibular and facial nuclei with a regulatory effect on the muscles of the pharyngeal arch and other muscles of the body. It extends cranially and caudally. C

28 Inferior olivary nucleus. Nucleus olivaris inferior. Main olviary nucleus lying below the olive. It is shaped like a thick-walled pouch that opens medially and is connected with the spinal cord and cerebullum. C

29 Amiculum of the olive. Amiculum olivare. Fibrous sheath that surrounds and contains af-ferentandefferentfibersoftheolivarynucleus.C

30 Hilum of Inferior olivary nucleus. Hilum nuclei olivaris inferioris. Opening of the medially oriented pouch-like olivary nucleus. C

31 Medial accessory olivary nucleus. Nucleus olivaris accessorius medialis. It is located in front of the hilum of the olivary nucleus. C

32 Posterior accessory olivary nucleus. Nucleus olivaris accessorius posterior. It is situated between the olive and reticular formation. C

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