Sections through the mesencephalon Sectiones mesencephalici B C D

22 Reticular formation (substance). Formatio (substantia) reticularis. Mesencephalic portion of reticular formation extending up from the spinal cord. It lies around the cerebral aqueduct, and its scattered ganglion cells function in the integration of muscular activities. B C D

23 Corticoreticular fibers. Fibrae corticoreticu-lares. Nerve fibers extending from the cerebral motor cortex to the ganglion cells ofthe reticular formation.

24 Medial longitudinal fasciculus. Fasciculus longitudinalis medialis. Fiber bundle with connections to the ocular muscles, neck muscles and vestibular nuclei for coordination of movements of the eyeball and head. B C D

25 Posterior longitudinal fasciculus. Fasciculus longitudinalis posterior [[Schutz]]. Descending and ascending fibers with projections to the hypothalamus and cranial nerve nuclei III, V, VII, X, XII, as well as the nucleus ambiguus and the tractus solitarius and salivatorius. D

26 Mesencephalic tract of trigeminal nerve. Trac-tus mesencephalicus nervi trigeminalis. Trigeminal fibers to the nucleus of the tract of the trigeminal nerve located lateral to the cerebral aqueduct and the 4th ventricle. D

27 Nucleus of mesencephalic tract of the trigemi-nal nerve. Nucleus tractus mesencephalici nervi trigeminalis (n. mesencephalica trigemi-nalis). Upper sensory trigeminal nucleus extending to below the tectal lamina. D

28 Nucleus of oculomotor nerve. Nucleus nervi oculomotorii (nucleus oculomotorius). It is found in front of the cerebral aqueduct. B

29 Accessory nucleus of oculomotor nerve. Nucleus oculomotorius accessorius (autonomi-cus). A parasymathetic portion of oculomotor nucleus. 96% supplies the ciliary muscle, the rest supplies sphincter pupillae muscle.

30 Nucleus of trochlear nerve. Nucleus nervi trochlearis (nucleus trochlearis). It is located in the central gray matter caudal to the nucleus of the oculomotor nerve. C

31 Interpeduncular nucleus. Nucleus inter-peduncularis. Located in the floor of the inter-peduncular fossa and has projections to the olfactory tract. C

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