Shaft of femur Corpus femoris A B

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13 Linea aspera. Rough double line on the posterior aspect of the femur for attachment of two vasti muscles and the short head of the biceps. Insertion of the adductors, gluteus maximus, and pectineus muscles. B

14 Lateral lip of the linea aspera. Labium laterale. B

15 Medial lip of the linea aspera. Labium mediale. B

16 Pectineal line. Linea pectinea. Bony ridge extending downward from the lesser trochanter, nearly reaching the linea aspera. Gives attachment to the pectineus muscle. B

17 Gluteal tuberosity. Tuberositas glutaealis. Rough, oblong field continuous with the linea aspera superolaterally. Insertion of the gluteus maximus. B

18 Intercondylar fossa. Fossa intercondylaris. Posterior notch between the femoral condyles. B

19 Intercondylar line. Linea intercondylaris. Posterior ridge between the roots ofthe condyles. B

20 Popliteal surface. Facies poplitea. Triangular field on the posterior aspect of the femur between the intercondylar line and the diverging lips (supracondylar lines) of the linea aspera. B

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