Superficial anterior jugular lymph nodes

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Nodi lymphatici superficiales (jugulares anteriores). Nodes on the internal jugular vein. Afferent region: skin of anterior side of neck. Effer-ents: bilateral deep cervical lymph nodes. A

19 Deep lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici profundi. Anterior group.

19 a Infrahyoid lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici in-

frahyoidei. They lie in the midline below the body of the hyoid bone. Afferent areas: larny-geal vestibule, piriform recess and adjacent hy-popharynx. Efferents: deep cervical lymph nodes. B

20 Prelaryngeal lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici praelaryngeales3. Nodes on the cricothyroid ligament. Afferent area: lower half of larynx. Efferents: deep cervical lymph nodes. B

21 Thyroid lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici thyroidei. Nodes on the thyroid gland. Efferents: as in 20. B

22 Pretracheal lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici pre-tracheales. Nodes in front of the trachea. Afferent regions: trachea and larynx. Efferents: deep cervical lymph nodes. B

23 Paratracheal lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici paratracheales. Nodes beside the trachea. Actions similar to those of 22. B

23 a Retropharyngeal lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici retropharyngeales. Deep cervical lymph nodes in front of the arch of the atlas. See p. 258.13

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