Tendon sheath of flexor carpi radialis muscle

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Vag. tendinis m. flexoris carpi radialis. Individual tendon sheath for the flexor carpi radialis at the insertion of the tendon to the base of the 2nd metacarpal bone. A

2 Common sheath of flexor muscles. Vag. com-munis mm. flexorum. Common tendon sheath for the two long flexors of the fingers. A

3 Tendon sheath of flexor pollicis longus muscle. Vag. tendinis m. flexoris pollicis longi. Separate synovial sheath for the long flexor of the thumb. A

4 Tendon sheaths for flexors in region of fingers. Vag. tendinum digitorum manus. A

4a Synovial bursae of lower limb. Bursae membri inferioris.

5 Subcutaneous trochanteric bursa. Bursa subcutanea trochanterica. Synovial bursa on the tendon of the gluteus maximus between the skin and greater trochanter. B

6 Trochanteric bursa of gluteus maximus. B. trochanterica m. glutei maximi. Synovial bursa between the tendon of the gluteus maximus and the greater trochanter. B

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