Tendon sheath of superior oblique muscle

Vagina tendinis m. obliqui superioris. Synovial sheath of the superior oblique m. of the eyeball, situated at the site where its tendon passes through the trochlea. See p. 364. 12

2 Synovial bursa of tensor veli palatini. Bursa m. tensoris veli palatini. Synovial bursa between the pterygoid hamulus and the tendon of the tensor veli palatini muscle. See pp. 116.20, 117. C

3 Subcutaneous bursa of the laryngeal prominence. B. subcutanea prominentiae laryngealis. Synovial bursa between the skin and the laryngeal prominence of the thyroid cartilage. A

4 Retrohyoid bursa. B. retrohyoidea. Synovial bursa between the body of the hyoid bone and the median thyrohyoid ligament. A

5 Infrahyoid bursa. B. infrahyoidea. Synovial bursa between the upper end of the sternohy-oid muscle and the thyrohyoid membrane. A B

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