Thoracic cardiac branches Rami cardiaci thoracici Rami to the thoracic inlet A

21 Bronchial branches. Rami bronchiales. Rami projected to the hilum of the lung below the recurrent laryngeal nerve. A Pulmonary plexus. Plexus pulmonalis. Nerve plexus located anterior and posterior to the hilum of the lung for innervation of bronchi, vessels and visceral pleura. A Esophageal plexus. Plexus oesophagealis. Nerve plexus around the esophagus formed directly by the two vagus nerves and superiorly also by the left recurrent laryngeal nerve. A Anterior vagal trunk. Truncus vagalis anterior. Weak anterior plexus emerging from the esophageal plexus and containing fibers from the both vagi. A

Posterior vagal trunk. Truncus vagalis posterior. Better developed posterior nerve plexus arising from the esophageal plexus and containing fibers from both vagi. A

Anterior gastric branches. Rami gastrici anteriores. Rami extending from the anterior vagal trunk to the anterior surface of the stomach. A Posterior gastric branches. Rami gastrici posteriores. Rami extending from the posterior vagal trunk to the posterior surface of the stomach. A Hepatic branches. Rami hepatici. Rami to the hilum of the liver. A

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