Visceral nodes of pelvis Pelvis nodi lymphatici viscerales

6 Perivesicular lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici paravesiculares. Nodes for the urinary bladder and partly also for the prostate located along the bladder. A

7 Prevesicular lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici prevesiculares. Subgroup located between the urinary bladder and symphysis. A

8 Postvesicular lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici postvesiculares. Subgroup behind the urinary bladder. A

9 Lateral vesicular lymph nodes. Nodi lym-phatici vesiculares laterales. Nodes situated at the lower end of the medial - formerly lateral -umbilical ligament. A

10 Parauterine lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici parauterini. Nodes for the cervix uteri situated beside the uterus. A

11 Paravaginal lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici paravaginales. Located beside the vagina; they drain lymph from part of this organ. A

12 Pararectal (anorectal) lymph nodes. Nodi lymphatici pararectales (anorectales). Located lateral to the musculature of the rectum; they drain this organ and a part of the vagina. A

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