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Marital Status And Cohabitation

Approximately 40 percent of births that occur outside of marriage now occur to cohabiting couples (CDC, 2000), and the rates of cohabitation have been increasing in the United States within the last few decades. Several studies have examined the relationship between cohabitation outside of marriage and preterm birth (Blondel and Zuber, 1988 Manderbacka, 1992). A collaborative case-control study in 16 European countries found that a significantly elevated risk of preterm birth was associated with cohabitation compared with the risk for those who are married (although the odds of preterm birth were substantially lower for women who cohabit with their partners than for single mothers) in countries where less than 20 percent of births occur outside of marriage. In contrast, no excess risk was associated with marital status in countries where out-of-marriage births were more common (Zeitlin et al., 2002). A population-based study in Quebec (where 44 percent of births were to common-law...

Sources for Further Study

Kimmel, eds. Psychological Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Male Experiences. New York Columbia University Press, 1993. A collection of essays focusing on gay identity development, gender differences, ethnic and racial variation, long-term relationships, adult development, and aging.

The Provision Of Specific Treatments By Cmhts

A useful meta-analysis of these treatments has recently been carried out by the British National Schizophrenia Guideline Group 109, 110 . In the process, a number of related issues were clarified. The authors identified 19 RCTs comparing family therapy with some other treatment. They were conducted in a wide range of cultural and service contexts. The early studies of intervention showed excellent outcomes, and, overall, the literature confirms these good results. However, in their review, Mari and Streiner 111 suggested that intervention in the more recent studies appears to be less effective. They attributed the apparent decline in effectiveness to the enthusiasm and charisma of the people conducting the earlier studies. However, the diminishing effect of family intervention with time may also be explained by the fact that the later studies involved group treatments of the families, whereas the earlier studies consistently relied on the treatment of individual families. Thus, for...

Who Performs the Treatment

Collateral and adjunctive support and treatment for related dysfunctions and issues can be performed by marriage and family therapists, physicians such as internists or pediatricians, neuropsychologists, drug and alcohol counselors, counselors, clergy, and peer counselors.

Summary of the Empirical Evidence

Many of these studies of family interventions began as part of an aftercare program following discharge from a psychiatric hospital. Some others began as families simply providing support to other families in distress. Goldstein, Rodnick, Evans, May, and Steinberg (1978) found that even as few as six weekly sessions focusing on education and building acceptance and planning for the future resulted in significantly lower relapses. Some family interventions were developed as explicit efforts to change high EE family environments, although as discussed earlier, most families who have persons with mental illness do not exhibit this high EE style. Nevertheless, Falloon and his colleagues (1982, 1985) studied this minority of families with a high EE environment. All of the families had members diagnosed with schizophrenia who were predicted to be at high risk for relapse because they were living with high EE relatives. His treatment group included behavioral family therapy, problem solving,...

Conclusion About Skin Diseases

The attachment perspective also incorporates tenets of social and personality psychology, which are having an increasing influence in psychodermatological research firstly, by acknowledging that a set of mechanisms (working models) contribute to individual stability and secondly, by highlighting that social and environmental factors can powerfully influence attachment behaviour (Feeney & Noller, 1996). The notion of relationship-focused coping (De Longis & O'Brien, 1990) expands understanding of dyadic influences in skin disease by stressing that successful adjustment is not solely dependent on the ability to problem-solve or regulate emotions, but also on the regulation of intimate relationships. An interesting point to consider is that since attachment patterns are relatively stable in 70 of individuals, (Baldwin & Fehr, 1995 Fuller & Fincham, 1995) it can be conjected that the 30 who change their attachment style may be doing so as a result of a romantic relationship. By extension,...

Combined Treatment Medication and Psychosocial of Major Depression

Depression can often be a chronic disorder with a high risk of relapse that requires active treatment, often with a combination of medication and psychotherapy. Identifying which individuals would particularly benefit from psychosocial as compared to pharmacological approaches and developing an understanding of the mechanisms of action of these therapies remain major challenges (Scott & Watkins, 2004). In the treatment of major depression, behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, marital therapy, and interpersonal therapy have all been found to reduce depressive symptoms (Craighead et al., 1998a). A complete discussion of these treatments is outside the scope of this book.

Horneys family of origin and early years

Eilbek was a bustling small town on the outskirts of the port of Hamburg, Germany, when Karen Clementine Danielsen was born there on September 15th, 1885. She was the second (and last) child born to Berndt (Wackels) Danielsen, a Norwegian sea captain and his young wife, Sonni. Captain Danielsen had been married before, and had four grown children before he fell in love with this woman 20 years his junior. Clothilde Sonni Van Ronzelen Danielsen was an unusual woman for her time. Described as beautiful, well-educated, sophisticated, and liberal, Sonni was the daughter of a well-known Amsterdam architect. Sonni came to the marriage an independent woman in an era when men were the unquestioned masters of their homes. From early childhood, Karen's mother confided the unhappy details of her married life to her children. As a young girl Karen already knew that her mother had married Wackels Danielsen in 1880 less because of love than the fear that she might not marry at all. She also came to...

Schooling and marriage

Being in love displaced all other worries for if he is my thought day and night, how then should others have room Her first love was an unnamed actor, followed by an equally anonymous friend of her older brother's in 1903, but these liaisons were brief. A longer affair with a Jewish musician named Rolf soon followed. It was during this relationship with Rolf that Karen discovered and railed against her mother's and brother Berndt's condescension and anti-Semitism. In 1904, a momentous event happened that would change many things for Karen Horney. She was still involved with Rolf when nearly a quarter century of marital discord between Sonni and Berndt Danielsen came to an end. Sonni separated from her husband, moved out of the Danielsen home, and joined Karen in Hamburg. In Oskar, she said in a letter at the time, I found everything I consciously wished for. By all accounts, Oskar Horney's political beliefs could minimally be called right wing while Karen, though never overly...

Impact Of Preterm Birth On Families

Families and parents also have positive experiences and demonstrate resilience in caring for a child with impairments related to prematurity. A study by Saigal and colleagues (2000a) found that parents perceived positive interactions with friends and within the family stemming from their efforts to care for their child born with low birth weight less than 1,000 grams. The parents also reported enhanced personal feelings and improved marital closeness (Saigal et al., 2000a). Macey and colleagues (1987) found that at 12 months of age (corrected for prematurity), 50 percent of the infants' mothers perceived their marriage to be more cohesive. Other studies suggest that these parents perceive their children to be acceptable, attached, and reinforcing (Singer et al., 1999) and to have a greater appreciation for their child than was the case when the child was an infant (Rivers et al., 1987). Thus, the impact of caring for a child born preterm may also contribute to the growth of the family...

Difficulties in communication

Secure Attachment Style 'As far as relationships go, my personal opinion is that my partner would have to be comfortable with my skin because it plays such a huge part in my life. Also, being honest and open about things at the beginning of a relationship avoids any embarrassing and nasty surprises further on down the line. I don't expect non-eczema suffers to understand completely the emotions I experience, but I would like them to be a bit compassionate about my condition, especially if I'm going to have a long-term relationship with them' (Female eczema patient).

Prevalence of Psychological Distress

Risk factors for developing psychological disorder, in the face of cancer, include previous history of psychological problems inadequate social support serious negative life events in addition to cancer maladaptive coping style 5 as well as younger age at diagnosis preexisting marital problems low expectations regarding the effectiveness of treatment a prior adverse experience of cancer in the family lack of involvement in satisfying activities and inability to accept the physical changes associated with the disease or its treatment 6 . Adjustment disorders, depression, and anxiety are the most common psychological disorders within a cancer population. Other problems encountered include post-traumatic stress disorder phobic avoidance of treatment relational problems sexual dysfunction and delirium. Patients are more likely to be psychologically vulnerable at certain key points in their cancer journey, for example at diagnosis, at discharge from treatment, and if recurrence of disease...

Principal Publications

Extension of cognitive therapy Beck was cautious in extending his cognitive model of depression to other mental disorders he has always been a methodical researcher, careful to restrict his claims to demonstrable results. For example, his first book on the treatment of depression recommended limiting cognitive therapy to nonpsychotic patients with unipolar depression who had not responded to or refused to take antidepressant medication. After the 1970s, however, the cognitive model was successfully applied by Beck's followers to a wide range of problems, including anxiety disorders, substance abuse, marital conflict, eating disorders, and anger management. One study reported that the interest in cognitive therapy among mental health care professionals increased 600 in the 16 years between 1973 and 1989. In the 1990s, cognitive therapists published outcome studies that reported success in treating psychotic disturbances and personality disor-ders historically regarded as the most...

Public Safety and Public Health Outcomes

A larger body of work has been published regarding the health of families and children. Divorce (and breakup) rates are high for families where the male goes to prison. Studies show that men who have been to prison are less likely to marry after incarceration, than men of the same background who have never gone to prison. They cohabit, even in long-term relationships, but they tend not to marry (Western et al., 2004). It is no surprise, then, that places with high rates of incarceration have high rates of single-parent families (Sabol & Lynch, 2003). Because men who go to prison earn less money for the rest of their lives, perhaps as much as 40 less (Western, 2006), they provide less economic support to the families with whom they cohabit. There is a pattern of mutually reinforcing problems here places that produce lots of people going to prison are always places with very low economic resources the people who leave prison to return to these places will themselves face diminished...

The Effectiveness of Family Education and Support

Initially, it had been thought that these interventions should be limited to families classified as having high EE (criticism, hostility, and overinvolvement). Although there is substantial benefit to these families, these interventions have been found to be helpful regardless of the level of EE (Lehman & Steinwachs, 1998). Lehman and Steinwachs also added that family therapies based on the premise that family dysfunction is the etiology of a person's schizophrenic disorder should definitely not be used

Globalization and Gender Differences

However, globalization has also meant that a larger and cheaper workforce is needed. Attracting foreign investment usually means relaxing the rules and weakening laws protecting workers. Women and children are used to meet these requirements. In many countries mothers are drawn into the workforce but no facilities are available at which to leave their children, adding to the stress of carrying a triple burden productive, reproductive, and caring. A mother of five children who wakes before dawn to fix breakfast before going to work in a sweatshop making jeans and then has to cook dinner is unlikely to have energy or time left for anything else. Family and marital problems are left to brew for the coming day. In most countries women are not treated as well as men, and the negative impact of globalization might be more noticeable among women.

Treatment Methods

A second effective approach to the treatment of depression can be found in cognitive therapy. It has become clear that altering cognitions and behavior in a cognitive behavioral format can relieve an ongoing episode of depression and may reduce the likelihood of relapse further than the use of psychopharmacology alone. Thus, cognitive processes are, at a minimum, reasonable targets of intervention in the treatment of many depressed patients. In addition, cognitive therapy appears to work well at decreasing depressive symptomatology even in the context of ongoing marital discord. Thus, for many depressed patients, interventions targeted at altering dysfunctional, negative automatic thoughts are likely to be useful. Finally, interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) has been developed by Gerald Klerman. This successful approach emphasizes abnormal grief, interpersonal disputes, role transitions, loss, and interpersonal deficits as well as social and familial factors. Results of a large,...


The observation of an inverse relationship between the duration of sexual cohabitation and the incidence of pre-eclampsia suggests that long-term sperm exposure may be important for the human implantation success (Robertson et al., 2003). This makes physiological sense since the human female is one of the few mammals exposed to her partner's semen on multiple occasions prior to conception. From an evolutionary perspective, it can be argued that induction of paternal antigen tolerance through repeated sperm exposure may have reproductive advantages. This may be by promoting implantation and survival of embryos conceived in a long-term relationship where it could be argued that the male parent may be more committed to the well-being of the resultant child. In terms of evolution, the relatively high incidence of pre-eclampsia represents a significant reproductive disadvantage in humans as compared with other mammals. Eclampsia is still a complicating factor in up to 1 of births in...

Modern Day Impact

An independent thinker, Horney is considered an individual who was always ahead of her time. Her work anticipated a revival of interest in the narcissistic personality. Her theories predicted popular trends in psychology, although she often is not credited for her ideas. One of these trends is the increasing emphasis on social and cultural factors as causes of emotional illness. Systems theory is another popular trend related to Horney's concepts. Systems theory, which includes a type of psychology called family therapy, emphasizes the continuous interaction among cultural conditions, interpersonal relations, and inner emotional experience.


An example of escaping could involve a married couple who repeatedly find themselves in verbal arguments with each other. They react by trying to escape the aversive situation through marital counseling. Other couples who see their friends having marital troubles may proact by working on improving their communication and resolving differences before problems arise, thereby avoiding some arguments and possible long-term damage to their marriage.


Minuchin (1974) divided family dynamics in terms of up down, near far and in out relationships, as a first step towards family therapy. Here, the interaction and interdependence of participants are concentrated on, looking at characteristic patterns and strategies adopted by participants to cope with others in the family.

Psychometric Tests

A psychological assessment can be used not only to say 'yes' or 'no' but to provide recommendations that will help to maximize the probability that the candidate will adjust well. Knowledge of vulnerabilities can highlight any special support that might be beneficial. In some cases it is wise to advise delaying overseas work until there has been time to engage in personal or marital therapy. It may also be advisable to recommend a delay if the candidate has suffered from a recent bereavement or relationship breakdown. If a couple will be moving overseas together, both partners should be interviewed separately, even if only one of them will be working. One of the predictors of an expatriate's adjustment is the spouse's adjustment (Stroh et al., 1994), and there is a strong relationship between marital satisfaction and depression among expatriate couples (Sweatman, 1999). If the couple have children, it is useful to assess the whole family. Concern about children is a common cause of...


Persons with eating disorders have a distorted body image and unrealistic ideas about weight. Although such disorders are found primarily among young, middle- to upper-middle-class, well-educated Caucasian women, eating disorders increasingly affect and may be overlooked in men, older women, and persons of color. No single factor appears to be the cause of eating disorders, with social, cultural, psychological, genetic, biological, and physical factors all playing a part. Treatment may include hospitalization for nutritional monitoring and for stabilization in persons with serious medical complications or who are at risk for suicide. Regardless of the setting, treatment is best carried out by a multidisciplinary team, including a primary care physician or psychiatrist, a psychotherapist, a nutritionist, and, if appropriate, a family therapist.

Case studies

22 sessions to treat depression in a 36-year-old home-maker, married for 15 years to a sales manager for an automotive supply company. The couple had three children ranging in age from seven to 14. Two previous courses of therapy (marital therapy and treatment with antidepressants) had been ineffective. The patient's initial score on the BDI was 41. Prior to the first meeting, the therapist mailed the patient a copy of the booklet Coping with Depression, and asked her to read it before beginning therapy.

The Author

Wolinsky, Ph.D., began his clinical practice in Los Angeles, California in 1974. A Gestalt and Reichian therapist and trainer, he led workshops in Southern California. He was also trained in Classical Hypnosis, Psychosynthesis, Psychodrama Psy-chomotor, and Transactional Analysis. In 1977 he journeyed to India, where he lived for almost six years studying meditation. He moved to New Mexico in 1982 to resume a clinical practice. There he began to train therapists in Ericksonian Hypnosis, N.L.P. and family therapy. Dr. Wolinsky also conducted year-long trainings entitled Integrating Hypnosis with Psychotherapy, and Integrating Hypnosis with Family Therapy. Dr. Wolinsky is the author of Trances People Live Healing Approaches in Quantum Psychology (Bramble Books), The Dark Side of the Inner Child The Next Step (Bramble Books) and The Tao of Chaos Essence and the Enneagram, Quantum Consciousness Volume (Bramble Books). He is the co-developer of Quantum Seminars and the founder...


Friendship also depends on intimate communication. Friends engage in self-disclosure and reveal personal information to each other. In the early stages of friendship, this is immediately reciprocated One person's revelation or confidence is exchanged for the other's. As friendship develops, immediate reciprocity is not necessary long-term relationships involve expectations of future responses. According to psychologist Robert Sternberg, friendship is characterized by two experiences intimacy and commitment. Friends confide in each other, trust each other, and maintain their friendship through investment and effort.

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