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Core: How To Connect With Your Masculine Energy

Most men feel stuck in life, empty, and unhappy despite having a lot of wealth, good job, fame, and several conquests with the opposite sex. These men experience these problems because they lack the mature masculine energy. In fact, this is the reason why most men who seem to have it all sometimes decide to take their own life. Fortunately, someone has decided to provide a solution. David Tian is a Ph.D. holder in psychology. In his course known as the CORE, he reveals various ways any man can reach the ultimate masculinity and achieve true joy, happiness, and live a more fulfilling life. The Core comes with 8 video seminars, downloadable meditative audio exercises, PDF slides, worksheets, and 3 free bonuses. Currently, you can be able to purchase this course at a discount price. Read more here...

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Historical Context for Gilligans Theory

Androgyny theorists in the 1960's and 1970's sought to discredit claims of gender differences that denigrate women or bar them from educational or career opportunities. They argued that with proper gender-role socialization, boys and girls, men and women would be equal in psychological attributes. However, by the late 1970's, feminist psychologists began pointing out that androgyny theory contained its own problems The qualities of competitiveness, aggression, independence, and autonomy, which characterized the masculine norm, might not be the best ideal for either men or women. Some feminist psychologists, such as Jean Baker Miller, sought a new norm for human development, an ideal that celebrated the alternative, feminine virtues of care, concern for others, and the ability to maintain strong relationships with others. In this postandrogyny period, Gilligan's theory was hailed as a corrective to psychological studies based on male samples that posited masculinity as normative....

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