Preface v

Contributors xiii

Part I Bacteria

1 Detection of Tetracycline Resistance Genes by PCR Methods Rustam I. Aminov, Joanne C. Chee-Sanford, Natalie Garrigues,

Asma Mehboob, and Roderick I. Mackie 3

2 Integron Analysis and Genetic Mapping of Antimicrobial Resistance

Genes in Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium Mairéad Daly and Séamus Fanning 15

3 Molecular-Based Identification and Typing of Campylobacter jejuni and C. coli Brigid Lucey, Fiona O'Halloran, and Séamus Fanning 33

4 Molecular Genotyping Methods and Computerized Analysis for the Study of Salmonella enterica Ana Belén Vivanco, Juan Alvarez, Idoia Laconcha,

Nuria López-Molina, Aitor Rementeria, and Javier Garaizar 49

Part II Viruses

5 Detection of Infectious Rotaviruses by Flow Cytometry Albert Bosch, Rosa M. Pintó, Jaume Comas, and Francesc-XavierAbad 61

6 Integrated Cell Culture/PCR for Detection of Enteric Viruses in Environmental Samples Kelly A. Reynolds 69

7 Abundance in Sewage of Bacteriophages

Infecting Escherichia coli O157:H7 Maite Muniesa and Juan Jofre 79

8 Molecular Genotyping of Irish Rotavirus Strains

Fiona O'Halloran and Séamus Fanning 89

9 Hepatitis A Virus: Molecular Detection and Typing

Gloria Sánchez,Cristina Villena, Albert Bosch, and Rosa M. Pintó 103

Part III Fungi

10 Typing Fungal Isolates:

Molecular Methods and Computerized Analysis Aitor Rementeria, Ana Belén Vivanco, Ainara Cadaval, María Teresa Ruesga, Sonia Brena, José Pontón, Guillermo Quindós, and Javier Garaizar

11 Fungal Isolation and Enumeration in Foods

Dante Javier Bueno, Julio Oscar Silva, and Guillermo Oliver

12 Determination of Aflatoxins and Zearalenone in Different Culture Media Dante Javier Bueno and Guillermo Oliver

IV Other Pathogens

13 Intracellular Multiplication of Legionella Species and the Influence of Amoebae on Their Intracellular Growth in Human Monocytes: Mono Mac 6 Cells and Acanthamoeba castellanii as Suitable In Vitro Models

BirgidNeumeister 141

14 Viability of Amoebae, Fungal Conidia, and Yeasts:

Rapid Assessment by Flow Cytometry JudithA. Noble-Wang, ShangtongZhang, Daniel Price, and Donald G. Ahearn 153

15 Detection and Differentiation of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in Water by PCR-RFLP Lihua Xiao, Altaf A. Lal, and Jianlin Jiang 163

16 Genotyping of Cryptosporidium parvum With Microsatellite Markers Giovanni Widmer, Xiaochuan Feng, and Sultan Tanriverdi 177

17 Immunomagnetic Separation of Pathogenic Organisms

From Environmental Matrices Gary P. Yakub and Kathleen L. Stadterman-Knauer 189

18 Detection of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae in Clinical and Environmental Samples Silvana G. Fidalgo and Thomas V. Riley 199

19 Interaction Between Lactic Acid Bacteria and Gastrointestinal

Nematodes of Caprine Origin Diana Draksler, María Cecilia Monferran, and Silvia González 207

20 Molecular Detection of Genes Responsible for Cyanobacterial Toxin Production in the Genera Microcystis, Nodularia, and Cylindrospermopsis Brendan P. Burns, Martin L. Saker, Michelle C. Moffitt, and Brett A. Neilan 213

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