ant (3")-1a, aminoglycoside modifying enzyme coding gene; pseI, ^-lactamase gene; dfrI, dihydrofolate reductase gene; R-type, antimicrobial resistance pattern; A, ampicillin; C, chloroamphenicol; S, streptomycin; Su, sulphonamides; T, tetracycline; N, nalidixic acid; K, kana-mycin; V, veterinary; H, human; F, food.

Fig. 3. (opposite page) The lanes marked M contain DIG-labeled DNA molecular weight marker grade II (Roche Diagnostics). Unlabeled mid-range PFG markers (New England BioLabs) in lane M* were included for fragment sizing before Southern transfer. Lane 1, CIT-V38; lane 2:CIT-F45; lane 3, CIT-H164; lane 4, CIT-H176; lane 5, CIT-H183; lane 6, CIT-V115; lane 7, CIT-F107; lane 8, CIT-H144; lane 9, CIT-V37; lane 10, CIT-F34; lane 11, CIT-F41; lane 12, CIT-F44; lane 13, CIT-V60; lane 14, CIT-V75; lane 15, CIT-V127; lane 16, CIT-V129; lane 17, CIT-F40; lane 18, CIT-F105; lane 19, CIT-H195; lane 20, E. coli R100.1 (control isolate); and lane 21, E. coli R751 (control isolate). (A) Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis

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