Bone Defects

The free VICG has been successfully utilized as a free flap for the management of osseous and composite defects of the extremities and the mandible.

Bishop collectively evaluated the published experience with this flap and reported a time to union of 7 months and a time of protected weight bearing of 18 months. Eventual union occurred in 67% of cases, with 38% requiring secondary bone grafting.

A tendency for necrosis of the skin paddle was observed.

Han et al reported an overall union rate of 89% with primary union in 57%. In this series the selection of donor site, i.e., the VICG vs. the vascularized fibular graft, was not associated with a statistically significant difference in union rates, either primarily or following bone grafting.

David et al successfully reconstructed 91% of mandibular defects utilizing the free VICG as an osseous or a composite flap.

The VICG can also be employed as a pedicled flap for reconstruction of proximal femoral defects.

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