Fluorescence Microscopy and Visualization

1. Streptavidin-fluorophore conjugate (fluorescein isothiocyanate [FITC] or Texas red, also known as SpectrumRed; Vysis Inc., Downers Grove, IL).

2. Counterstain: 4',6-diamino-phenylindole (2 x 500 ||L, DAPI II; Vysis Inc.).

3. Microscope equipped for fluorescence microscopy. We used an Olympus B-Max, U-M510 with triple bandpass filters, Red, Green and DAPI Bandpass, and Triple Bandpass Filter Set, DAPI/Green/Red (Vysis Inc.).

4. We used the "Color Capturing System" of Applied Imaging, Santa Clara, CA.

5. For scoring, 20 metaphase spreads were analyzed for each locus in each subject.

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