Ivan Y Iourov Svetlana G Vorsanova Franck Pellestor and Yuri B Yurov


The preparation of a somatic cell tissue is a key point of any successful molecular biology and genetic analysis of chromosome complement and genome variations. Current molecular biology investigations require an increased amount of different tissues to study. The genetic studies of the brain became an intriguing part of oncology, neurogenetics, and psychiatric genetics. The brain tissue processing for molecular cyto-genetic analysis has special peculiarities quite different from the protocols used in the field. Despite some pilot cytogenetic studies of chromosome complement in mammalian brain, the specified protocol of the brain sample preparation for molecular cytogenetic analysis has not been thoroughly described. Here, we propose the detailed brain tissue processing protocol that could be used for different molecular cytogenetic approaches to study chromosome complement in interphase nuclei.

Key Words: Developing brain tissues; cultured fetal brain tissues; frozen brain tissues; paraffin sections of brain tissues; PRINS.

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