Preparation of Fetal Cells

1. Maternal whole blood samples were obtained by antecubital venepuncture in a VACUTAINER® Sodium Heparin tube (Becton Dickinson VACUTAINER Systems, Franklin Lakes, NJ).

2. VACUTAINERK2 EDTA 3.6-mg tube (2 mL; Becton Dickinson VACUTAINER Systems).

3. Sodium chloride injection UPS 0.9% solution (10 mL; Abbot Laboratories, Limited, Montreal, Canada).

4. Falcon polypropylene plain tubes (15 mL).

5. Hank's balanced salt solution (HBSS, MULTICELL, 1X without Ca, Mg, and Phenol Red, WISENT Inc.).

6. Centrifuge (ICE centrifuge, HN-SII model A Division of Damon, USA).

8. Carnoy fixation solution: 3 v methanol:1 v glacial acetic acid.

9. Thermotron environmental control unit (CDS-5, Thermotron, Amsterdam, Holland [8]).

10. Methacarn solution:methanol:chloroform:glacial acetic acid (6:3:1 v/v).

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