Preparing Slides for PRINS

High-quality chromosome preparations are a key factor for obtaining satisfactory results after hybridization on glass slides (see Note 4).

1. Clean microscope slides are placed in a slide tray containing deionized water. The slides are chilled in a refrigerator.

2. One cold slide at a time is removed from the slide tray and maintained in a slanting position on a stand or a device (at approximately a 10- to 20-degree angle).

3. Drop or place 40 to 50 pL of cell suspension on the slide. Allow the cell suspension to roll down the slide. Wipe the back of each slide and shake off excess fixative and water. Label slides and place on a hot plate at 65°C for 2-3 min.

4. Store slides at room temperature for 24 h, after which they are ready for the labeling steps (see Note 5).

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