Concept -10% recycled tire

Rear seat compartment -100% recycled ABS

Concept - recyclable polypropylene carpeting

Rocket support - 100% recycled PC/ABC plastic

Console base -100% recycled PC/ABS plastic

Concept - recyclable polyester seat

Wheel house liner - recycled from TPO plastic bumpers

Wheel cover - recycled from saturn parts

Parking brake well 100% recycled soda pop bottles

Figure 17.2. Typical recycled content applications in GM vehicles.

Steel body - 46% steel recycled

Trunk trim - 40% recycled soda pop bottles

C-pillar -100% recycled ABS plastic

^Concept - recyclable polyester head liner

..Insulation -100% recycled PVC plastic

-.Watershield -100% recycled PVC plastic

Speaker grille -100% recycled PC plastic A-pillar -100% recycled ABS plastic

Battery spacer -100% recycled battery cases

Battery lead and plastic recycled into new batteries

Air cleaner cover-100% recycled nylon plastic

Headlamp support bracket -100% recycled soda pop bottles

Engine splash shield -100% recycled PP plastic

Recycling of an end of life vehicle (ELV)

Figure 17.3. Vehicle recycling infrastructure.

Recycling of an end of life vehicle (ELV)

Figure 17.3. Vehicle recycling infrastructure.

increase in the use of nonferrous metals improves the economics of recycling. The polymers are consistently replacing heavier metals that are generally recovered by recycling. This leads to an overall reduction in the percentage of metal (by mass) in the vehicle. As the percentage of polymer content in vehicles increases and that of metals decreases, the capability of the existing infrastructure to recycle them must decrease. Efforts are being made to increase the rate of recycling of automotive plastics through improved technology and infrastructure expansion.

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