100NP 85/15 50/50 50/50A 50/50B 50/50C 100P

Waste composition

Figure 15.15. Variation of residence time and excess air with sample composition.

Figure 15.15 shows the variation of residence time and excess air level inside the reactor for varying waste composition. The excess air level was very low with 100% nonplastic, very high with 100% plastic, and in between for the mixtures. Consequently, the residence time associated with the 100% plastic was the highest, lowest with 100% nonplastic, and almost constant with mixtures. Excess air can therefore be related to the residence time as shown in this figure.

High excess air level was found to be necessary for the 100% plastic case. Maintaining a lower plastic waste feed rate was inadequate to achieve a constant furnace temperature at constant air flow rate. Furnace operation at lower feed rates provided unacceptable levels of temperature fluctuations in the furnace and in the exhaust section. The larger residence times with plastic wastes are also associated with the larger amounts of gas produced during combustion. This effect may be seen from the increase in both the residence time and excess air for the 100% plastic test case. The test operating conditions for all runs were fuel lean; see Figure 15.15. No significant variation in excess air level and residence time for the 50/50 plastic and nonplastic mixtures could be observed. This is due to the fact that the inclusion or exclusion of certain types of plastics within the plastic waste mixture has little effect on the overall waste composition.

Emission of Carbon Monoxide The concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) in volume percentage, monitored for the lowest and highest furnace temperature

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