use in regulating packaging has been harshly criticized by organizations such as the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN). EUROPEN contends that LCA is a valuable tool for helping to reduce the overall environmental burdens and contributing to the development of sustainable product life cycles. However, EUROPEN feels LCA is not in itself a decision-making

Figure 4.13. Energy distribution in production of LDPE blown film [29].



Figure 4.14. Energy distribution in production of OPP film [29].

tool and should not be used to discriminate against certain types of packaging. EUROPEN is especially critical of recent developments in Denmark and Germany where it feels questionable use of life-cycle assessments is being used to justify imposing regulatory sanctions on packaging or packaging materials that rate less favorably [32].

Recently, there has been increasing controversy about the use of plasticizers in plastic packaging materials and the association of these compounds, particularly those in the phthalate family, with cancer and reproductive anomalies. For packaging plastics, these concerns affect primarily PVC and PC. In 2000, a government panel concluded that there is serious concern that di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) in vinyl medical devices may harm the reproductive organs

Table 4.6 Selected Consumption and Emissions for PP Resin and Biaxially Oriented PP Film (OPP) [29]

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