Packaged yarn to knitter

■ Reworkable waste sliver—back to opening Disk residues too small to use

reworkable)— pelletize for fuel

twisted yarn. Can be opened in special equipment (Garnett)

■ Scrap plastic wrap— to recycler

■ Metal twist ties

1 st-Quality knit fabric to pack and shi[D U Conforming L- Nonconforming

- Empty yarn cones

- Knit fabric ends cleaning pieces

- 2nd-Quality pieces

- Holes

- Needle lines

- Dirty

L- Drop Stitches Dust and lint

QC/Test/ Handle/Pack/ Ship/Store

- Plastic scraps

- Test cuts to

Recyclerfor rags

Figure 7.2. (continued)

- Sewing thread

- Energy

Packed knit

Greige knit fabric (in Lots)

Roll-off and sew (lot makeup)

~ Plastic packing—to recycle " Metal ties—to scrap metal - Waste thread L Seam cuttings (small pieces of knit)

H202 (Hydrogen peroxide) Water -Air

- Electricity Steam

Specialty stabilizer

Scoured and bleached knit

Scour and bleach


Fiber reactive dye



-Chemical specialties

Fiber reactive dyeing batch (0 MCHN)


- Pectins

- Natural waxes and oils

- Insect residue

-Ash content (minerals) Previously added

Paraffin -Agricultural residues Metals Dofollants Knit lubricants Process waste h NaOH

L Spent stabilizer Heat

Chemical packaging waste

Small scraps of fabric

- Shade patch

- Cutouts L Seams

-Filtered residue—dry capture and landfill -Wastewater -Salt

- Energy

- Spont spoclalties

- Unexhausted dyes Washdown

- Mix area

- Facilities

- Implements L2nd-quality scrap—for rags, etc.

- Steam

- Electricity

- Thread

1st-quality dyed fabric I- Conforming ^Nonconforming (free-for-sale)

Tubular mechanical finish/drying

Dust and lint from filters in dryers - Fabric scraps and trimmings

-VOCs from residual dye specialties L Energy

Figure 7.2. (continued overleaf)

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