well as the local furnace conditions (e.g., large-scale turbulence, flow motion, recirculation, temperature gradients) are possible sources for this contribution. These temperature fluctuations were the highest for the 100% plastic tests. This may well be due to the depolymerization of the plastic polymers under high-temperature conditions. However, in the present study, the exhaust temperature was maintained constant at 1250°F (within ±50°F) during all tests. From the test operating data, the fundamental combustion parameters such as excess air, equivalence ratio, and gas residence time were calculated and these are presented in Table 15.11.

The residence time was computed by dividing the gas volumetric flow by the furnace volume. The calculated residence time for all types of waste was somewhat lower (<1 s) than that often used in many commercial incinerators (1-2 s). The actual fuel-air ratio was evaluated from the waste and air flow rates. The theoretical fuel-air ratio was obtained from SOLGASMIX calculation for combustion and used in the calculation of equivalence ratio and excess air for the test operating conditions.

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