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12 16 20 24 Exposure months

Figure 5.2. Carbonyl absorbance versus exposure time for greenhouse film exposed on model greenhouse and aluminum racks.

thick were stabilized with HALS and Ni quencher. Table 5.6 presents the typical meteorological data for 1993, when exposure trials were carried out.

Chemical changes in terms of carbonyl absorbance was monitored using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy in the region of 1715-1730 cm-1. Figure 5.2 presents change in carbonyl absorbance of greenhouse films exposed on rack and an operating greenhouse, as a function of exposure time. The films exposed on a greenhouse show a higher growth in carbonyl absorbance than the film exposed on racks. The higher values of carbonyl absorbance after 12 months of exposures indicate that severe photo-oxidative reactions took place. Also the carbonyl absorbance increased for

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

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