heel = Na/Mw X Mw/Mw(unit) X H(c—0)/Na = H(c—O)/M


where hPE, PP, PS, PV = Heat of pyrolysis, kJ/g Na = Avogadro's number Mw = molecular weight of polymer Mw(unit) = Unit molecular weight of substance AHic = Heat of polymerization (kJ/mol) H() = Enthalpy of atomization (kJ/mol)

The heat of polymerization [55], AHlc (kJ/mol), for the various compounds is as follows:

PE = 88.7; PP = 81.6; and PS = 69.9 (kJ/mol) Enthalpy of atomization [56] Hq, B(A-B) (kJ/mol)

C—H = 412; C—C = 348 C=C = 612; H—Cl = 431 C—O = 360 (kJ/mol)

Figure 15.24. Heat flow vs. temperature for determining heat of pyrolysis.

Figure 15.24 shows the heat of pyrolysis (area under the curve between points T1 and T2)

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