Plastics In Silage

Silage films are used primarily to preserve silage and maize. They maintain the nutritional value of the contents and inhibit undesirable fermentation processes. Traditional silage films can be mono- or co-extruded, range from 100 to 200 ^m, and are normally pigmented (black or white). In the case of bale wrapping for round or square bales, films are normally very thin (10-25 ^m), applied in multiple layers and pigmented (mainly black or white).

For this particular application the films need good resistance to weathering in order to preserve their original mechanical and gas barrier properties, thus ensuring its protective role throughout the duration of outdoor exposure. These films are UV stabilized so that they can retain their original mechanical and other required physical properties. LDPE is a commonly used polymer for silo bunker covers, silage bags, bale wraps, and the like.

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