What I The Interglandular Septum

The region we are going to dissect corresponds to Robbins level I. Sublevel IA coincides with the submental region, and sublevel IB coincides with the submandibular level. The two sublevels are separated by the anterior belly of the digastric muscle.

The almond-shaped submandibular gland is located in the cavity of the same name and invested by a layer of superficial cervical fascia. The cavity has a superomedial wall contiguous with the mylohyoid and a lateral wall contiguous with the body of the mandible. The inferolateral wall is invested with split-open superficial cervical fascia, subcutaneous tissue, and skin. The anterior end of the gland is inserted between the mylohyoid and hyoglossal muscles and communicates with the sublingual cavity. The posterior end of the gland is separated from the parotid by the interglandular septum, which marks a thickening in the superficial cervical fascia, and is in close contact with the origin of the facial artery. The submandibular lymph nodes are prevalently subfascial and are situated by the superolateral margin of the gland. The submandibular cavity is bounded caudally by the digastric muscle. The anterior belly bounds the submental region with its median line (Fig. 5.1).

Significant anatomical structures: marginal branch of the facial nerve, facial artery, submental artery, lingual artery, lingual nerve, Wharton's duct, hypoglossal nerve.

Landmarks: angle of the mandible, mental protuberance, hyoid bone, posterior margin of the mylohyoid muscle.

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