Biological Actions Of Lmw Nitrosothiols

A large body of data attests to the effect of low-molecular-weight RSNOs on various physiological and biochemical processes. We can roughly classify these effects in three categories. In the rst, RSNO operate as donors of free NO and the NO subsequently acts as the true effector, just as would NO released by NO donors or by NOS enzymes. In the second, RSNO acts as a transnitrosator of other sulfhydryls as found on proteins, and the effects result from the S-nitrosation of the group. Effects in this category can also be evoked by exposure to other nitrosating agents like N2O3. In the third category, RSNO itself acts as an effector in its own right, for example as activator of guanylate cyclase enzymes (GC). We also include S-glutathiolation into this third category.

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