340 341 348 111T 320 340 360 nm

Fig. 17. The left panel shows the EPR spectra from 1 mM solutions or bovine serum albumin (a) or horse hemoglobin (b) after addition of 1.0 mM DNIC with phosphate ligands. The spectra were recorded at ambient temperature. The right panel shows the optical absorptions of BSA (d) and horse Hb (d) after exposure for 5 min to a gas mixture of NO + air. The optical spectra were recorded with the reference cell filled with 1 mM albumin or hemoglobin solutions pretreatred with the same gas mixture but avoiding the preliminary contact of protein with DNIC. (From Ref. [10].)

Fig. 18. EPR spectra from 1 mM solutions of bovine serum albumin (left column) and horse hemoglobin (right column). (Samples a,d) After addition of 1 mM phosphate-DNIC. (Samples b,e) Samples a and d after exposure to NO + air gas mixture (as described in the legend to Fig. 17) and (Samples c,f) Samples b and e after addition of 50 mM cysteine +1 mM FeSOzi. The EPR spectra were taken at ambient temperature. Multiplication factors are shown on the right side. (From Ref. [10].)

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