Fig. 31. Q-band spectra of DNIC at 77 K in livers of mice kept on drinking water with iron salt and nitrite (curve a). (curve b) is the same liver preparation heated at 60°C for 5 min. (curve c) is the reference spectrum of a frozen solution of Cys-DNIC. The DNIC signal in livers (spectra a,b) appears contaminated with a six-line spectrum from an unidentified Mn2+ complex. (From Ref. [128].)

Fig. 32. 2.03 signals from livers of cat (curve a), guinea pig (curve b), rabbit (curve c), rat (curve d), mouse (curve e) and hamster (curve f). The animals were provided with nitrite + 56Fe in drinking water during 7 days. Recordings at 77 K [125].

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