The Various Forms of Nitric Oxide

Edited by Ernst van Faassen Anatoly Fyodorovich Vanin

Radicals for Life: The Various Forms of Nitric Oxide

The cover photo shows a two-photon fluorescence image 206 x 150 ^m of the carotid artery extracted from a mouse and mounted in a perfusion chamber. The tissue was stained with fluorescent dyes to visualize adventitial collagen (CNA35/OG488; green), the elastin bands (EOSIN; red), and the nuclei of the vascular smooth muscle cells in the tunica media (SYTO; blue). These nuclei appear elongated perpendicular to the direction of vascular flow. The typical wave-like appearance of the elastin bands (red) is caused by the absence of transmural pressure. The outer adventitial layer contains some purple/white nuclei from embedded fibroblasts. (Image courtesy R. Megens and M. van Zandvoort, CARIM, Maastricht University, NL.)

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