Lacrimal drainage scintigraphy

This study uses a gamma camera to follow the passage of a drop of radio-labelled fluid

Figure 10.18 A typically dilated canaliculus in a patient with Actinomyces canaliculitis.

(usually Technetium 99) from the conjunctival sac to the nasal passages, and provides a measure of physiological tear clearance where there is a patent system on clinical

Figure 10.19 Lacrimal scintigraphy showing a normal right drainage pattern but a marked delay in the exit of tracer from the left lacrimal sac.

examination or dacryocystography (Figure 10.19). In this situation, scintigraphy will generally reveal whether there is a failure of gathering of tears into the drainage system (often due to lid anomalies), or a failure of clearance of tears that are otherwise rapidly entering the system from the tear lake.

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