Workup Nonpalp Mass

RO (Round or Oval) 75 well circumscribed, not new, not bigger, not palpable From Radiology The Oral Boards Primer By A. Mehta and D. P. Beall Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ 4. LI (lobulated or irregular) BX PRIOR SX Yes could be CA, scar, radial scar, overlap If palp same except US if negative mammo Dec to bx if both negative up to clinician

Focal Process

TERMINAL ILEUM (exclude appendix and cecal processes) Metastasis Abscess Hematoma Lymphoma Leiomyosarcoma SMALL BOWEL FOLDS Irregular Thickening Eosinophillic Gastroenteritis Crohn's SMALL BOWEL FOLDS Regular Thickened Picket Fence Leiomyoma Adenocarcinoma Carcinoid Kaposi Adcnoma-tiibu lar tubu lovi 1 lous vi 1 Ions Juvenile Polyposis (Children are HYPER)


Emphysematous Hepatitis

Hepatocellular carcinoma Cirrhosis Adenoma Woman on oral contraceptive Focal nodular hyperplasia Central scar Cholangiocarcinoma accompanying biliary ductal dilatation Pyogenic abscess Complex cystic Focal sparing of fatty liver Gallbladder fossa, portal bifurcation Hemangioma MRI for confirmation Focal fat next to falciform ligament in anterior aspect of segment 4, portal bifurcation Metastases Mucinous such as colon or ovarian Cystic metastases ovarian Biliary cystadenoma Hemmorhagic mass...


Glomustumor Finger

DIAPHYSEAL LESIONS IN GENERAL CEMENT Eosinophilic granuloma (EG) Non-ossifying fibroma (NOF) TB infections Metastasis Osteomyelitis Fibrosarcom Osteoid osteoma Stress fracture Fibrous dysplaisa Unicameral bone cyst Chondrosarcoma Mets Myeloma Plasmacytoma Ewings Metastatic Myeloma Lymphoma EG Enchondroma Giant cell tumor Granuloma (EG) Subchondral cyst Healed NOF Osteoma Metastasis Ewing's sarcoma Lymphoma Infection Infarct Fibrous dysplasia Enchondroma Fibrosarcoma (Desmoid MFH) Infection...


Placental insufficiency hypertension, diabetes Smoking, drug abuse Chromosomal anomalies PRENATAL ASSESSMENT CTR 1 GR(EDD) GA EDD)-26W0D D2. 5cm ha LGL 0 UI traaound ftge 21UI3D + -1BI4D BASED ON BPD HC AC FL EFU) 414 grams ( 0Lbs ISoz) rang BASED ON (BPD AC HC FL - HADLOCK) (70-86) ( - ) (15.9-20.3) (20-24) (1.06-1.25)

Abdomen Anterior Abdominal Wall Defect

Omphalocele covered by membrane associated with structural and chromosomal anomalies Gastroschisis free-floating bowel no associated anomalies Bladder or cloacal extrophy omphalocele, imperforate anus, myelomeningocele Amniotic bands Pentalogy of Cantrell ecotopia cordis omphalocele Limb-body wall complex neural tube defect, limb anomalies, short straight umbilical cord Beckwith-Wiedemann omphalocele, macroglossia, visceromegaly

Intermediate Vq Scan Images

HIGH probability 80 chance PE LOW probability 80 chance of no PE Aerosol T1 2 6 h Initial phase 30 s Equilibrium phase 3 min Washout phase 3 min 4 mCi Tc-99m-MAA (10-40 1 million particles T1 2 6 h Small < 25 Moderate 25-75 Large > 75 2 large mismatched defects or the arithmetic equivalent in moderate or large defects 1 large 2 moderate mismatched perfusion defects or the arithmetic equivalent in large and moderate defects Nonsegmental defects (i.e., cardiomegaly, prominent hila, enlarged...

Biliary Ducts

Duodenum Duplication Cyst

Choledochal cyst Duodenal duplication Mesenteric cyst Pancreatic pseudocyst AIDS cholangiopathy looks exactly like sclerosing cholangitis Oriental cholangiohepatitis stones Ascending Cholangiocarcinoma Pancreatitis INTRAHEPATIC BILIARY DUCTAL DILATATION Benign stricture chronic pancreatitis Pancreatic head mass Klatskin tumor Macrocystic mucinous cystadenoma carcinoma (middle-aged women) Microcystic serous cystadenoma (middle-aged women) Solid and papillary epithelial neoplasm (young women)...


The following authors are acknowledged for their helpful contributions Yong C. Bradley, md Chief of Nuclear Medicine Brooke Army Medical Center San Antonio, TX Nancy A. Brown, rt r m m qm Radiologic Technologist Wilford Hall Medical Center San Antonio, TX Liem Bui-Mansfield, MD Chief of Musculoskeletal Radiology Brooke Army Medical Center San Antonio, TX Neal Dalrymple, MD Assistant Professor Wilford Hall Medical Center San Antonio, TX David R. DeLone, md Wilford Hall Medical Center San...