Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Certification

This online course from professional hypnotist Dr. Steve Jones gives you a way to help your patients access their past lives. This service has become more and more in-demand as a form of therapy as the years go by. This skill has a constantly-growing demand that must be met Get your certification with this online course and be on the cutting-edge of amazing therapeutic techniques! You will learn how to bring powerful, life-changing emotions out of your patients and help them to be the well-adjusted people they are meant to be without all of the problems that usually plague people whose emotions are out of whack. You will learn all of the effective strategies that help people uncover their past emotions and gain the life that they really, truly want. Get your certification to help people today! You won't regret getting this excellent, professional course. Read more...

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A third example of the use of in vivo and in vitro techniques in combination illustrates the idea that this approach is really an evolutionary extension of older analytical methods where in situ techniques were used to characterize molecular responses to seizures. Microarray analysis of cDNAs generated from epileptic material offers an open-ended method for documenting altered gene expression that requires little de facto knowledge of the targets to be examined. In its earliest incarnations, 2-D gel electrophoresis of proteins and differential screening of cDNA libraries led to the identification of previously unknown molecular responses to abnormal activity. For example, the finding that Homer (Brakeman et al., 1997), GRIP (Dong et al., 1997) and ARC (Lyford et al., 1995) were regulated after seizures came from a differential screening strategy. Homer and GRIP are PDZ-domain containing proteins that interact with metabotropic- and AMPA-type glutamate receptors, respectively. ARC, by...

Limitations of behavioral therapy

Another criticism of behavior therapy is that it treats symptoms rather than causes. The psychoanalytic assumption is that early life events are the source of present difficulties. Behavior therapists may acknowledge the existence of past life events but do not place particular importance to those events in the maintenance of current problems. Instead, the behavioral practitioner emphasizes changing environmental circumstances and how those environmental forces reinforce particular behaviors. Critics respond with the argument that it is natural for humans to conceptualize a cause and effect relationship in behavior. This is an example of sequential learning and is used in many ways to describe the process of progress.

Creation of the Elements

Although we understandably date Earth's history from the origin of the planet, a considerable prehistory preceded Earth's formation. one of the most important aspects of this period was the origin of the chemical elements. The elements are the building blocks of both planets and life. Consider that in a sort of cosmic reincarnation, every atom in our bodies resided inside several different stars before the formation of our sun and has been part of perhaps millions of different organisms since Earth formed. Planets, stars, and organisms come and go, but the chemical elements, recycled from body to body, are essentially eternal.


A French psychiatrist came to Nisargadatta Maharaj and began a long-winded question about past lives, future lives, karma, credits and debits, etc. I don't remember this gentleman's question completely, but I do remember Maharaj's answer. Who told you that you exist Maharaj asked. The French psychiatrist looked at his wife his wife looked at him but remained silent. Maharaj said, Consciousness told you you exist, if you understand just this, it's enough.

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Do You Believe That This Life Are The Effect Of Your Past Life? Understand Reincarnation And How This Life Can Affect Your Condition In Your Next Life.

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