Psychotic Disorder Caused a General Medical Condition

1. Rule out with history, physical exam and labs. CBC to rule out an infection leading to delirium and psychosis.

2. Routine chemistry labs to rule out electrolyte imbalances or hepatic encephalopathy; RPR to rule out neurosyphilis; HIV to rule out psychosis due to encephalitis in at risk patients.

3. Consider a MRI or head CT scan to rule out a mass or neoplasm.

4. An EEG should be considered to rule out seizure disorders (such as temporal lobe epilepsy) especially when there is a history of amnestic periods or impaired consciousness.

C. Schizophreniform Disorder or Schizophrenia. Schizophreniform disorder must last for over a month and schizophrenia must have a six-month duration.

D. Mood Disorder with Psychotic Features. Brief psychotic disorder cannot be diagnosed if the full criteria for major depressive, manic or mixed episode is present

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