Mind Maps

Making associations between one image or word is an important activity of the brain when a person is thinking. Each image or word has innumerable links to other words and images leading from one idea to another. Mind maps, developed by Tony Buzan, are designed to model the way the human brain works, i.e. by associative and linear processes, and so assist in the generation of new ideas [C-18].

A mind map is made by starting in the centre of a page with the main idea or problem, and then working outwards in as many directions as possible creating new nodes buy buy

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at each association point, composed of keywords or images. The structure then grows in an organic fashion producing a mass of associations, as illustrated in Figure C5.

It is important to work quickly and to use key words, and not phrases and draw the images in colour to highlight the new nodes. Using this methodology the mind forms associations almost instantaneously. Mind maps have great creative potential when used as part of a brainstorming session.

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