Quality Procedures

Most companies have set in place procedures to meet the requirements of the international quality standard e.g. ISO 9001 or national equivalents, as discussed in Section B, The requirement of these standards are that procedures are in place for all activities carried out in the workplace, that these procedures are recorded and that the activities are carried out, by staff, as described in the procedures. The operation of these procedures is subject to an external audit, to confirm that there is compliance in the day-to-day activities of a work group. It should be noted that having procedures written down does not necessarily mean that an organisation has the best procedures in place. They will need to be constantly monitored and modified in the light of experience.

Typically the procedures for which an R&D Manager will be directly responsible, include:

• R&D Targets. The procedure by which these are agreed with the "customer", usually the marketing or manufacturing functions of the business. Evidence that the targets are actually being worked on and monitored.

• R&D Costs. The procedure by which R&D expenditure is agreed. The system by which costs are monitored and reported to the "customer".

• Reporting. The procedure by which all work is recorded and progress reported to the "customer".

• Outcome. The procedure by which the result of the R&D programme, for instance

Figure B15. Customer-Supplier Relationship with R&D

a product or process, is agreed with the "customer". Conversely the method by which such a programme is terminated, in agreement with the "customer". • Training. The procedure by which the necessary training for staff, enabling the work for the "customer" to be performed to the highest standard, is identified, provided and recorded.

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