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The resources, which will be required in all projects, are human resources, support facilities, equipment and materials. Planning for these resources is the task of the Project Manager and the team.

• Human Resource. This is identified in terms of the technical contributions needed during the project's lifetime, the special skills or knowledge required from the people involved. How many people required, for what period of time and an estimate of the total cost needs to be made.

• Support Facilities. For example, a quantification of the cost of analytical support and other testing, such as HSE evaluation is made by the Project Manager. Any special work requiring additional development costs also needs to be identified.

• Equipment. The special equipment which may need to be hired and its cost listed. Consideration should be given to the need to use pilot plant facilities or large scale testing facilities.

• Materials. In addition to the bulk supplies required for the trial manufacture, the need for expensive or special quality chemicals for the laboratory considered and the likely cost.

This list or resource requirements, together with the activities generated during the analysis for the work breakdown structure, form the basis for the next phase of the process, namely the detailed planning of the project.

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